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Dan's Coaching Programs

Starting at £50 a month (no contract)
Starting at £50 a month (no contract)
Lifetime Access: £250
Cost per session: £150 to £200

Free Resouces & eGift Cards

Qualifications, Education & Mentoring for Coaches

Course, Exam & Licence Fee: £500
Course, Exam & Licence Fee: £500
Masterclass Cost: £350 each
Masterclass Cost: £500 - £1000

MX™ Model Workout Club

From: £50.00 / month

Total Sold: 828

The programs inside the MX Club are scientifically designed to give you a lean, toned and model-fit body. As used by hundreds of full-time fashion models all over the world. Recommended by Tatler, Vogue, ELLE, The Daily Telegraph & The Sunday Times. Join the club today. All welcome. Read more…


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